Tarinja: Invasion

While I am excited about the release of Ethaze and the Shadow Court, I am equally excited about that I have more on the cards for 2020. I have just completed the first draft of Tarinja: Invasion, a speculative fiction novel set in the near future which draws on the cultural stories of Central Australia and combines them with science fiction elements. The novel still needs a fair bit of revision and cultural review but it is well on its way to be available by the end of the year.

The novel is for adult readers and deals with cultural loss, colonisation and faith as well as exploring masculinity and identity. It also has armoured cyclopedian invaders, gatling lasers and a giant mech thrown in for good measure. Given the novel deals with Indigenous Australian themes, I have sought cultural supervision and input to ensure the story is cultural safe and appropriate.

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  • June 2020

    The initial draft has been completed and is now out with the alpha readers. Now that the Ethaze and the Shadow Court ebook has been released, I will return my focus to completing a second draft.

  • August 2020

    Complete second draft, provide to beta readers including additional cultural consultation.

  • October 2020

    Complete pre-final draft, incorporating beta reader’s comments. Complete initial edits

  • November 2020

    Prepare novel for initial Ebook publication, including cover design.

  • December 2020

    Release Ebook and plan for hardcopy release.

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