Ethaze and the Order: Book Two of the Ethaze Saga

Ethaze and the Order is available NOW from Amazon and Kindle unlimited

Ethaze has been branded as an enemy of the Order of Gafannon, the protectors of man from the Fae. However an encounter with Brigid, the Goddess of Summer, sets her on a new path to restore the balance of the World. Guy, once a companion of Ethaze, now trains to become an apprentice of the Order, but he soon discovers that there are those who believe that the Order has strayed from its path.


Book Two of the Ethaze Saga (yet to be named) will carry on Ethaze’s quest to find her mother. The Void, the land of the Fae and the Temple of Gafannon were all introduced in the first book but we will be delving deeper in the second, with more emphasis on other character perspectives, such as Erai’s and Guy’s and exploring some of the background behind the current state of play that Ethaze found herself in at the end of Book 1. Obviously there is only so much I can say without spoiling things, but feel free to comment below and I will try and answer what I can as long as 1. I have an answer and 2. the answer isn’t going to spoil things.

I have a bit of a way to go with Ethaze Book Two, but the good news is that I have actually started the process and I am about 10000 words into the initial draft (With the aim to have the initial draft of the novel at about 80 to 90k). I have drawn out a timeline below so you can see where i am up to and I will keep this updated as I progress. I have some competing priorities in the way of preparing Ethaze and the Shadow Court as an actual hardcopy book and making that available for distribution, as well as the redrafting and publication of Tarinja: Invasion. In saying this, below is a guide. I hope to actually progress quicker but I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep.

Please be sure to join the mailing list to keep in the loop for the latest updates. Who knows, you may even get an early chapter!

  • Draft Started

    Draft has been started – i am ~10000 words in as of the 29/06/20 but things will slow down a bit as a focus on redrafting Tarinja: Invasion

  • November 2021 We are ahead of Schedule. 1st Draft Done as of 9/10/20. Lets try for a December Release!

    Finish 1st draft (hopefully Smashed it!). Send it out to alpha readers

  • January 2021

    Second drafting complete and sent out to beta readers

  • February 2021

    Final draft completed and edited

  • March 2021 July 2021

    Finally released!

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