Ethaze and the Order – Available now!

Exciting news – Book 2 of the Ethaze Saga in now available! Ethaze and the Order continues the journey of Ethaze after her escape from the Order of Gafannon. She is learning more of her powers and her role in the Shadow Court, however, inadvertently upsets the balance of the seasons when she helps Brigid,Continue reading “Ethaze and the Order – Available now!”

Christmas is coming…but the books won’t be ready for a while

Unfortunately I haven’t progressed much with the second draft of Ethaze Book 2. I am back onto it now but we will probably be looking at a release around the first quarter of 2021. Tarinja has come along nicely and I am currently looking at publishing options. Hope to give some better updates soon!

Free book give away!

Hi everyone, Ethaze and the Shadow Court is 99cents for this week only on ( and ( As always it is free on Kindle Select. AND For each of the next five nights (Australian time) I will be giving away a free copy of the ebook. To be eligible for a copy youContinue reading “Free book give away!”