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Tarinja: Invasion – NOW AVAILABLE!

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Tarinja: Invasion

I am excited to announce the release of Tarinja: Invasion – a speculative fiction novel drawing on Central Australian Indigenous stories.

Ethaze and the Shadow Court

Eleven-year-old Ethaze always believed her mother had died when she was little and that her father had abandoned her. When her Grandfather passes away, she learns her mother had been traded to the Fae. Leaving her village to rescue her mother, Ethaze discovers the existence of an uneasy truce between men, Fae and the Gods over the planes of existence.
The Order of Gafannon, a sect of blacksmiths trained in the old ways, are mankind’s protection against the Fae, providing the iron which disrupts their powers and binds them as mortals. Ethaze is drawn into the Void, the space between realities, where she encounters the imprisoned rogue Fae of the Shadow Court, those who have rejected the truce and have sought to establish their own power. Ethaze’s quest for her mother is part of something larger than she could have ever imagined.

Tarinja: Invasion

The rest of the world has been taken over by the Invaders, hulking armoured cyclopes who appeared out of nowhere. Tarinja is one of the few survivors, his tribe managing to survive in their ancestral caves deep in the desert. His father, Two-bob is a powerful ngangkari, a keeper of lore of the tribe, who believes the answers to their salvation lies in the ancient knowledge of their ancestors. However when the Invaders draw nearer, the tribe can no longer hide and Tarinja must seek the answers they need. Meanwhile Samuel, a trans man and his cisgendered brother Flynn head north, seeking other survivors to band with. Their journey’s entwine as they learn the truth of the Invader’s origins in the quest to save their people, the oldest living civilisation on earth.

Tarinja: Invasion is a Aboriginal Apocalyptic speculative fiction book which draws on the stories of Central Desert tribes of Australia and incorporates the Indigenous languages of Arrernte and Walpiri. It explores the topics of intergenerational trauma, colonisation, cultural identity and gender identity.

Available Now!

Ethaze and the Order:

Book Two of the Ethaze Saga

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