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Book Two of the Ethaze Saga now available!

Ethaze and the Order

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Christmas is coming…but the books won’t be ready for a while

Unfortunately I haven’t progressed much with the second draft of Ethaze Book 2. I am back onto it now but we will probably be looking at a release around the first quarter of 2021. Tarinja has come along nicely and I am currently looking at publishing options. Hope to give some better updates soon!

Ethaze and the Shadow Court

Eleven-year-old Ethaze always believed her mother had died when she was little and that her father had abandoned her. When her Grandfather passes away, she learns her mother had been traded to the Fae. Leaving her village to rescue her mother, Ethaze discovers the existence of an uneasy truce between men, Fae and the Gods over the planes of existence.
The Order of Gafannon, a sect of blacksmiths trained in the old ways, are mankind’s protection against the Fae, providing the iron which disrupts their powers and binds them as mortals. Ethaze is drawn into the Void, the space between realities, where she encounters the imprisoned rogue Fae of the Shadow Court, those who have rejected the truce and have sought to establish their own power. Ethaze’s quest for her mother is part of something larger than she could have ever imagined.

Tarinja: Invasion

Tarinja: Invasion, a speculative fiction novel which draws on the cultural stories of Central Australia and combines them with science fiction elements.

Coming end of 2021. Read below for more info on my progress.

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